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Couch to 5K Made Achievable

Couch to 5K Made Achievable

A Beginner's Starting Point Workout to Get You Moving Towards Your Goal

A 5K is achievable for everyone and every body, regardless of fitness level or experience. Yes, you read that correctly; a 5K is achievable for everyone! 

Whether your goal is running a mile straight without stopping, or getting more cardio into your exercise regime, or you're just getting started on your fitness journey and need a place to start, we have got you covered with a fantastic starting point. Our couch to 5K tips will set you up on a path of success. So lace up your sneakers, grab a water bottle, and let’s dive into your very first workout to get you one step closer to crossing the 5k finish line!

The Starting Point

Before we have you dive head first into the official Couch to 5K program, let's ease into running gradually with a starting point workout. This workout is designed to introduce your body to running and help you build a foundation of strength and endurance. Remember, with ANY workout; it's important to listen to your body and modify the workout as needed.


Before you start running, it's crucial to warm up your muscles and prepare your body for the upcoming activity it’s about to partake in. We recommend starting with a brisk five-minute walk to get your blood flowing and loosen up your joints. Use this time to mentally prepare yourself and get into the running mindset. 

Pro-tip: Customize your playlist to match your activity level. Begin with low-tempo beats during your warm-up and gradually incorporate higher, quicker-paced tempo songs as you progress. Syncing the music tempo with your activity level can have a significant impact on your performance and make your exercise experience more enjoyable. What do I find helpful here? I update my playlist regularly. Whenever I discover a new song or rediscover old favorites, I’ll add them to a new running playlist to keep my routine fresh and exciting. You never know when that one song will come on and give you an extra surge of adrenaline to push through a difficult stretch. 

Now let’s skip to the good part, shall we? The interval workout. 

For your first workout, we'll start with a combination of walking and jogging intervals. The goal is to gradually build your endurance and ease your body into running. 

Here's our recommended workout structure:

  1. Start with a five-minute brisk walk to warm up, as we mentioned above. 
  2. Jog for 30 seconds at a comfortable pace. If you're not comfortable jogging yet, continue walking at a brisk pace.
  3. Follow the 30-second jog with a 90-second walk to recover and catch your breath.
  4. Repeat the jog-walk interval sequence for a total of 20 minutes. Aim for around 10 intervals, but adjust the number to fit your fitness level. And remember, listent to your body – if 30 seconds of running feels too challenging, feel free to reduce it to 15 seconds and gradually increase it as you progress.
  5. Finish the workout with a five-minute cooldown walk to gradually bring your heart rate down.

Remember, this is a starting point and just the beginning of your journey. The goal is to introduce your body to running gradually. Don't worry about the speed or distance covered. Focus on maintaining a pace that allows you to hold a conversation without feeling too breathless. 

Tips for Success:

  1. Listen to your body: This is important for any workout. If something doesn’t feel right, take a break or slow down as needed. It's essential to ease into running to avoid injuries.
  2. Stay hydrated: If you love the Waterboy like me, you’ll constantly hear Adam Sandler in your ear reminding you how important it is to drink your quality h2o. When you are just getting started, be sure you are taking small sips throughout your journey. 
  3. Wear appropriate shoes and clothing: Invest in a pair of running shoes that provide adequate support and cushioning, and wear comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement. There are a lot of running shoe stores that will help you find the right fit for your foot, too, so research what’s close to you!
  4. Find a rhythm: Experiment with your breathing pattern and find a rhythm that works for you. Some runners prefer inhaling for three steps and exhaling for two, while others find a different pattern more comfortable.
  5. Consistency is KEY: Aim for at least three workouts per week to build a solid foundation.
  6. Celebrate milestones: If you’ve been following our previous blog posts, you should have seen this coming – we love to celebrate the little things, and we want you to get in the habit of doing so, too. So make sure you acknowledge and celebrate your achievements, no matter how small they may seem. Completing your first workout towards a 5k is a milestone in itself!

Is it too soon to say congratulations on completing your first Couch to 5K workout!?! Well, I’m going to say it anyways because I have a feeling if you’ve made it this far, you’ve taken the first step towards transforming from a Netflix binge-worthy aficionado to a runner extraordinaire. 

Pro-tip to keep in mind throughout your journey: give yourself time and be patient with the process. As you progress through the program, you'll gradually increase your running intervals, build endurance, and reach your goal of running a 5K race. And most importantly, remind yourself if you’re just starting out, it’s not about speed or time; it’s simply about getting to that finish line; increasing your speed and lowering your time will follow. 

Stay tuned for our next blog post, where we'll discuss tips for sticking to your running routine and overcoming common challenges. Until then, lace up those shoes, keep up the great work, and enjoy the exhilarating journey of becoming a runner!


— Lindsey Escaja 


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